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Russian Doll Cushion

I love Russian Dolls and have done since I was a little girl, so regardless of whether anyone else like them or not, I decided to make a cushion (GOD YOU BORING COW, MAKE SOMETHING ELSE! Well I have, actually. If you’d like to see what else I’ve been up to this week why not check out my super boozy post over here)

I wanted to make the dolls colourful and with lots of texture. To do this I chose to use some different fabrics, ribbons and buttons and some embroidery.

Basic Doll

I sewed patterned fabric onto the felt background and added embellishments.

Um. Right, her face is slightly off, she looks smug and MASSIVELY chinned

I then made smaller, and slightly different, versions of the same doll (trying not to make the smaller ones look like Bruce Forsythe in a dress)

Bruce, Hitler, Princess Di wedge.

Using overstitch again, I sewed the dolls onto the background and once again blanket stitched the edges. This one turned out quite badly. GOD I HATE BLANKET STITCH.


I think I get away with the shoddy blanket stitch though as the dolls really “pop” and are interesting enough to let the eye slide away from the crappy edging.

Hmm, really selling it aren’t I? HAPPY CHRISTMAS SOMEONE!

If you’d like to have a go then you can get the template I used from here