So alongside buttons and Russian dolls, I also love elephants (and owls and cute little mushrooms and cats and and and)

So here we go, yet another felt cushion for your perusal.

I started by choosing my materials…

There's some ribbon in there and some small beads

…but as per usual I completely and utterly changed my mind when it actually came to starting on the “piece”. Oh God, I can’t call these things I’m making “pieces” – it sounds so unbearably…overblown for what basically amounts to me sewing bits of stuff onto other bits of stuff.

I decided on a herd of pachyderms stampeding across the front of the cushion.

Tiny heart shaped shell buttons for eyes. cute!

Using a basic running stitch in the same colour as the background felt, I attached the elephants onto the cushion.

Simple but effective.

*Bites Fist*

BLANKET STITCH around the edges before stuffing. I’m actually getting a tiny bit better at it. Hope springs eternal.

Completed Cushion

Aw, I’m pretty pleased with this one. Would be nice for a babies room (minus the choking eye buttons of course)

In other news.

Look what I bought!

A sewing machine!

It was only after a grim fight to the death for 45 minutes just to get a bobbin wound correctly; that I remembered why I hate sewing machines.

So…I am going to try my hardest to love this new addition, and to get him to love me too – much in the manner of Eliot leaving a trail of M&M’s for ET I am going to go very slowly and not frighten him by…I dunno, actually trying to make anything more complicated than a zigzag edging…

I’m sure high jinx will ensue.


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  1. I, like you, am pretty sure that the road to hell is paved with empty bobbins.

    • hahaha!

      Me: It just – wait? Am I meant to put the – OH GOD IT’S WINDING ONTO THE PIN NOT THE BOBBIN – why? why are you doing that? Oh you stupid INSTRUCTION BOOK IN GREEK!

  2. reminds me of my old Babar the Elephant books.

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