A Simple Tomato pin cushion.


If I stab myself one more time with a pin, I am going to lose my shit all over the the EVERYWHERE.

Quick pin cushion. I’m not prepared to muck about with squares and rectangles and triangles. I’m going simple circular.

Two felt circles.

Tailors chalk around a cup

Plus a freehand green “stalk”

Two felt circles plus one free drawn green leaf design

Plus BLANKET STITCH OMIGOD, plus stuffing equals =

So there we are.

Simple but neat and now I can hold the pins in the cushion rather than in the arm of the sofa/table/floor



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Posted on October 28, 2011, in Other Stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Like your style. I either do whipaway feast fixes or do stupidly detailed intricate projects. A life of extremes. Oh, the humanity.

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